Friday, May 18, 2012

Get Ready For Your Weekend!

Now I know a lot of us are getting ready for the weekend. The weather is turning nice around here so a lot of us would rather be out in the garden than cleaning up our homes! So today I am going to focus on how to KEEP your house clean, so when it's time to clean house it's not such a daunting task.

I talked about not procrastinating a couple of days ago. That works well for keeping your house clean as well. Don't leave messes to do "later" because pretty soon later turns into never.

Have Helpers: When my kids were little I taught them to pick up after themselves by making it a game. Who could put away the toys the fastest? How many blocks can you pick up in a minute? Things like that. My son used to love to vacuum the house for mommy. It wasn't perfect of course but one sweep of the vacuum can go a long way to making things cleaner around your house! Now that my little monkeys are big monkeys they actually know how to clean up after themselves, and hopefully will continue that on when they are out on their own.

Bathrooms: The bath tub and shower are one of the worst things in the house to clean. I guess most people figure if you are washing in there it's got to be clean right? WRONG! Soap scum and mold can build up fast in a bathroom if you aren't on top of it. I suggest to every one of my clients that have a shower curtain to take it down and wash it in the washing machine with vinegar once a month(or more if it needs it). The machine does all the work and it comes out like new, saving you the cost of buying a new one. You dry your self when you get out of the shower, right? Why not keep a squeegee or a microfiber cloth handy, and take that extra minute to wipe down your shower when you are done. If you have shower doors, this will save you so much work cleaning hard water, and soap scum off of them in the future.

Kitchen: The kitchen is a place most of us are in daily. We eat there, we fix our meals for our families there, and we socialize there. It's the heart of many homes. So why oh why do we let them get so dirty? Time! We are busier with little ones, and work. Who doesn't want to spend more time cooking than cleaning? I have a rule in my home, and maybe this can help you as well. I never let dishes pile up in the sink. You use it, you wash it! My kids know that if they dirty a glass they are going to have to wash it, so they don't grab a new glass every time they switch drinks. They take the glass to the kitchen and wash it out, and leave it to air dry. Tada! One less thing The Cleaning Fairy has to do when she gets home from cleaning other people's houses! I also clean AS I cook. I try and wash pots and pans when I am done with them so I don't have to come back after a great meal to a giant mess. I can enjoy family time instead!

Do you have a time saving tip? I would love to hear about it!

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  1. The only time saving tip I have is I keep everything I need to clean a room in that room somewhere especially the bathrooms! Saves me from lugging stuff around. Or if I happen to get inspired while I am in a room to clean it, I can without having to make a trip to get the supplies.

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  2. Great cleaning tips! I need to clean up the kitchen while I cook. I think my kitchen will stat cleaner that way.

    Coming by from the Friday Blog Hop. Sorry it's late!

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  3. Weekends are always exciting. Hope you can share it with us.

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