Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY Projects To Help You Clean

Have you ever thought "WOW! I love my swiffer sweeper but I am out of cloths?" Well the crafty gals over at Natural Nesters have just the solution! You can save money, recycle an old towel AND reduce waste.

Do you like handy cleaning wipes? I know I use them around my own house, and even when I am cleaning some of my clients homes. Why not make them yourself and save money and avoid all the chemicals? Visit the folks over at Organized Home to find out how.

Do you have a shower door that just isn't shiny anymore? Maybe a rust stain? Try this DIY Shower Scrub and you will never go back to scrubbing bubbles again! I didn't believe it myself until I tried it on hard water stains on a shower door, and like magic they were gone!

Do you have a DIY cleaning product you would like to share? Leave it in our comments!


  1. You have some great links here! I especially love the DIY cleaning wipes!!

  2. Thanks! Keep checking back for more!